How to Setup Your D-Link Router – Step by Step Process

D-Link Routers come with the simple and convenient Setup Wizard so as to make the router setup and configuration easier and faster for you. The D-Link Router Setup is simple which involves connecting the router to the modem and then connect it with the computer using Ethernet cables for network connection and then run the Setup Wizard, it is that simple.

However, the process may vary slightly depending upon the network type and connection you are using. Below is the step by step guide for D-Link Router Setup and ensure to follow each step carefully for successful setup of the router for home and office networks.

Guide to Setup a D-Link Router:

Step 1 – Establishing Connection between Router and Modem

The package of your D-Link Router comes with all the essentials including the power adapter. So, take the power adapter and connect the router to your wall power outlet and turn on the power of your router. Now take a Ethernet cable and insert its one end at the WAN port of the router and the other end to the modem. Usually the color of the WAN port is yellow so as to differentiate it from other ports. But in some models of D-Link routers the WAN port is colored in black color so ensure to check the model you are using for correct ports.

Some of the D-Link router models also come with built-in DSL modem. So, rather than connect the device to any other modem using Ethernet Cable, you can connect it directly to the device’s DSL Port available at back with a Phone Cord. Now wait till the WAN and Power status lights are on. It may take few minutes to turn on.

Step 2 – Connecting Router to the Computer

There are two ways to connect the router to the computer – the wireless mode and the wired mode.

To connect the PC in wired mode you need to use Ethernet cable and insert it in the Ethernet port of your system and the other end on the Ethernet port of the D-Link Router. You may insert the cable in any numbered port of your router except the WAN port as it is only used to be connected to the modem.

Click on the “Network” icon of your system and find the list of available Wireless Connections. By default the router name is D-Link and hence you need to click on it to establish wireless connection. Enter the network key or password written on configuration card and then click on “Connect” to establish connection wirelessly.

Step 3 – Setup of D-Link Router

Launch the web browser on your PC and enter “” or “” on the address bar, depending upon the model of router you are using. Now the login page of your router will open. You need to click on “OK” button unless you have not set any username or password for it. However, the default username and password for D-Link routers is admin as username and admin as password. However, in some models the password field must be justify blank. So, login according to the model you are using.

Now you need to start the “Setup Wizard” so as to configure the router. You have to click on “Run Wizard” or next button and the router will choose most of the settings automatically based on the common defaults for connection types. You will also be asked with few questions for successful D-Link Router Setup.

You need to choose the radial button available next to connection type and in most of the models you need to choose the “DHCP” unless you are asked to provide the IP address and such case you need to choose “Static”

If you are ADSL or DSL user, then ensure to choose “PPPoE” and you will prompted with username and password and this will provided by the internet provider. Enter the credentials and click “Next”. Now enter the new network name and set a strong password for local wireless network and click on “Next”.

Choose the time zone from the drop down menu and click next. Now you need to save the configuration by clicking on the “Save” and Restart the system to complete the setup process.

Updated: March 27, 2018 — 10:02 am

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