How to Fix Router Troubleshooting Problems

The IP address 192-168-1-1 is the default IP address of the router from certain brands like TP-Link, Netgear, Linksys, and ZyXEL. But keep in mind that it is also not necessary that will be the default IP address all the time. It is advisable to read the router manual and see the actual default IP address mentioned in it. This IP address is meant for the private network only and is commonly meant for home usage or where the connectivity has limited use.

There could be many small and big issues because of which you may be facing the connection issue of IP address between your computer and the router. Below we have discussed the possibilities how the problems and their resolutions.

How to Fix Router Troubleshooting Problems Of

Fixing the router problems – 

  1. One of the most common issue that occurs with the home router is the improper functioning of the hardware. Probably the USB cable is not connected properly, which is the first and important step to check to fix the router issue.
  2. Check if the lights on your router are blinking because it will confirm that your router is connected and functioning properly. The signal strength can be understood with the blinking lights on the router.
  3. There could be a possibility where the IP addresses of your computer and your router are a mismatch. Because of which the connection is not happening, even if your system and router are working fine. Hence, check the IP addresses of both, the system and the router they should have same numbers of the beginning.
  4. There could be the possibility that the settings of your system could be wrong. The IP address for home system is admin the but the chances could be that there may be an error with the IP address itself. Go through the manual and re check the router address and fix it.
  5. Your computer would have been connected to an old router and when you try to connect to the new router, there could be the chances it is not able to connect properly. Therefore, try to reconnect with the new router.
  6. Many a times, one may enter a wrong IP address in the address ba, for example, using http:// incorrectly before the IP address will lead to the error. Computers are data sensitive, therefore, even a small mistake will not lead to the correction. Always just write the correct IP address in the address bar and the computer will detect the rest of the address.

Fixing the router problems –

  1. Even if you want to write the complete IP address, then ensure you write it as http: // or as this is the correct way of writing it. Otherwise, http:// is not require to be write.
  2. If you have take care of all the above steps and still you are not able to resolve the problem, then do check if the result of “ping” is fine.
  3. Even if accessing 192.168.l.l is a problem, where the browser will not lead to an error 404 page or bring any results, then it becomes important to check, therefore, ping the router’s address and then to can see if there is a network problem.
  4. There still could be few other reasons because of which the connection error may occur. Like the router might not be switch on or the adapter may be broke, there could be an internal damage to the wire.
  5. The net card of the computer may be dysfunctional or damage, since this is an internal hardware error, therefore, it is not possible to figure it out immediately. Try using a different computer or a system to understand the error.
  6. Don’t forget to check your firewall settings because of the connectivity is not possible. The firewall sometimes tends to block the certain IP addresses as a prevention. Therefore, go to the network settings and change the firewall settings for it to function.
  7. Signal strength is another possibility because of which the connection may not be happening. Also, if there is some heavy metallic substance between the two, then it could also be hampering the signal strength. DO check these points to resolve the issue.

Configuration of the router:

Not all routers have the IP address 192.168.l.l by default, therefore, it is important to know if this is truly your router’s IP address. TO check this, you need to in the address bar of your browser. If this leads up to an error page then this is not your router’s address, therefore, check the manual and it will be having the actual address. Router Setup – Default Router Setup Guide

A router is an electronic device that connects your systems to the network. It is used to send data over the network in the form of packets. It places the packets (data) to its destination address securely. With the increase of internet user and income from the internet all business established need to keep their office premises under network and for that router plays a very important role. It divides the network and enables you to keep connected all your systems within a range. There are different types of routers- wifi and normal router. Wi-Fi router is popular as it is portable, and the main is its network coverage which is broad than the normal router. If you want to keep your premises in such a way that from every corner you can surf internet then Wi-Fi router is the best.

Products quality may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but the router main IPaddress remain always same. All manufacturers use a default IPaddress that ranging from to That means whatever router you are using, its IP address must remain within this range. So below I am sharing detail information about how to set up router and what stands for address Router: Router Setup is the default gateway used by many router manufacturers to manage and to build the network.This IP address is the only way through which you can get access to the control panel of a router those are using this default IP address. You can change all the default setting and IP address by accessing to the control panel of any router. But to configure or to build a Wi-Fi network you need to 192.168.l.l router setup means you have set up your router by using your computer. Router Setup Step by Step: Router Setup

Step 1: Connect Router through Lan Cable

Before the invention of the router, we need to connect our system to a broadband connection directly through a cable that raises many problems like limited connection and much more. But with the Wi-Fi router total scenario has changed. To setup, a wireless router you need to connect it to your system by a LAN cable. If you have not installed LAN driver in your PC then installed it now. Without this driver, you won’t be able to connect the router. After successful connection a gear icon will generate in the taskbar, that means the router is successfully connected on your system.

Step 2: Browse the IP address

Now you need to close the internet connection if any. Open any of your PC browsers and enter the default IP address 192.168.l.l It will open the main login page which is the gate to enter the management console of a router.

Step 3: Enter Credentials Router Setup

Every router comes with default username and password which you can change as per your requirements. In maximum router username and password, both are “admin” or sometimes username is “admin” and password is “Password”. Once you entered your login credentials, full router management console will be right in front of your window.

Your connection is complete and you are now authorized to control and to change all default settings of your router. As there are many hackers who are trying to hack your network so it is recommended to change the default IP address and login credentials. But for that, you need to remain comfortable with all the basic settings of the router control panel. Below I am providing an overview of the Control panel. Router Setup

Here you can see whether your router is connecte to a network or not in the Status option. In the above screenshot, there are many menu following which you can manage and change the settings. From all, the main and the basic option are Network Settings and Security. Going to the network settings you can change the default IP address and also can allot IP address for systems.In the Security option, you can change the default username and password and also can provide a name of your network.

Control panel or Router login management console may differ with the brand of the router but the basic settings always remain same. If you get familiar with any router setup then you can easily get familiar with other.


This is all about the router setup. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily set up your router. I think you have got all the essential and basic information regarding the Admin If you are facing any problem regarding your router setup then drop your query in the below comment box. l IP Address - 192.168.l.l Default Login Router Passwords © 2017 Frontier Theme